Course 1: The Mental Game

The majority of authors I speak with believe success is all about marketing, advertising, and writing.

Those are absolutely necessary ingredients, but where most authors miss the boat is in dealing with the number one thing that stands in their way of true success: themselves.

This course will help you shred the shackles that bind you, giving you the mental blueprint you need to tackle the world of being an author with power and purpose.

What do you mean by Writer-to-Author?

It's just a play on words. In the context of our courses...

  • A Writer is someone who, well, writes.
  • An Author is someone who not only writes, but also gets down to business.

We know the words are actually synonyms, but we choose to intensify our meaning of the term Author to encompass more than just the writing process.

To us, an Author:

  • Always looking out for disempowering beliefs/habits/self-questions, replacing them with supporting beliefs/habits/self-questions.
  • Understands their goals are to be defined by them, not adopted from someone else's journey.
  • Trusts the importance of wearing many hats (writer, marketer, advertiser, etc.)
  • Honors change, grasping that the world of indie publishing is ever-changing and accepts they'll need to change right along with it.
  • Owns that this is a business. A fun one, yes, but a business nonetheless.
  • Recognizes that helping others is one of the best ways to improve their own abilities while paying it forward.

We hope you'll jump on the Author train and get yourself to the next level!


It's been my experience mentoring a number of authors those who fully commit to this part of my process have an incredibly high success rate in hitting what they want to achieve.

Those who breezed through, or skipped this part of their business entirely, had far lower success.

That's why I fully believe in the value of this course, and I hope you'll give it 100%.

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